Letters to Mum
4 sets envelopes
Printmaking, Typography

When I was a kid I used to write my mum letters for sharing my happiness, worries or even confessions. I did not have enough pocket money to buy stamps from post office. I hid the letter somewhere secretive at home and wait for my mum to discover them with a little help from occasional hints.I really a cherish these memories between mum and myself.  

I wanted to recreate this by pretending to write with childish handwriting - big and untidy in the address. 

Lithography was used to create the stamps. There are four scenes that I used illustrate my letters. A mailbox, bunk beds with a manual fan, the old Hong Kong style stove for cooking and a fence and coat hangers for drying towels and clothes. 

Inside the envelopes, I enclosed examples of various printing methods. They include lithography, gravure printing and screen printing.

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